"There are not enough words to thank you for everything you taught me these three weeks. Undoubtedly one of the best blessings I found in my journey is you. Rachel, you are definitely an inspiration for me. I wish you all the best, a lot of love, light, peace. Keep sharing your knowledge, because you are a kind of angel in yoga. I hope our paths cross over again. Lots of love and gratitude"

Paulina, Doha

"Dearest Anna, There is an English saying, "Ignorance is bliss" well as that may be in lots of situations, I can honestly say its not the case for me. Your knowledge of the body’s requirements is phenomenal. When I first met you I was overweight, lethargic and felt constantly bloated. I'm now 10 kilos lighter have more energy and feel so much better within myself. You re-educated me and showed me how to eat healthy alternatives, killing that sugar fix we all crave from time to time. Thank you so much for you advice."

— Tracy, Uk

"Rachel is an amazingly calm and patient teacher, her knowledge of the human anatomy and how this relates to yoga practice has really helped me to develop and grow my practice. Her classes and courses are informative yet fun, I can thoroughly recommend Rachel as a yoga teacher, and I'm very grateful to her for the help she has given me with my practice!."

— Alistair, UK

"I can never be thankful for enough for all that you did for me, you are a real gift from heaven. An excellent naturopath with amazing skills; professional, trustworthy, but also a reliable friend. Thoughtful and compassionate. A glimmer of hope that has illuminated my path, which was blackened by the disease, the fear and the confusion. You brought me onto the right path, the one of healing and serenity. You are the best."

— Yousra, Algeria

"I wanted to find, decide, honour, love, live - and I did. It was a true transformational week; I came in stiff, tense and shy. I found my flexibility and beauty again. My body and mind learned a lot from Rachel, amazing experience! 2 beautiful women and 10 beautiful circle members; a holiday for body, mind and spirit in a marvelous respectful environment."


"My encounter with Anna was a true rebirth of my life but more than that, it was a rebirth of me, and my body. You were always here to support me when I wanted to give up. You knew how to guide me, direct me, but more than that you taught me how to listen to my body, love it and give it the best care through amazing food and herbs that put me back on track by the grace of god. The knowledge you have about the human body are just infinite, I am so impressed. To any question, you have an immediate and rational answer.  Anna, you are part of health for ever, I am infinitely thankful for that. I wish the best for you in the same way you give it to others with so much love and above all patience, because I admit that I was not an easy going person."

— soraya, Tunisia

"Ashtanga Therapy helped me with my back ache; L4, L5 Arthosis and stiffness which I had been suffering with for 2 years and been intensely treated by doctors in CH with little result. That was a huge surprise. Many thanks to Rachel!!! She is the best!."

— Yvette, Switzerland

"There are some encounters that are truly unforgettable, that engrave into your brain, like the joyful moments in our memory. Believe me Anna, my encounter with you was one of the most magical in my whole life, I will never forget it. The therapeutic cures and other advice you gave me about nutrition, have changed me in a shocking & emotional way & have totally converted my daily life, my vision of food and my own perspective toward my disease. I have seen so many improvements, and what you offer is really persuasive. Keep being who you are, and may god help us to change to what you became; a being dedicated to the service  of others in its most professional & sincere way.  Thank you wish you the best for your future!."

— Djemate, ethiopia

"Rachel doesn’t just teach asana, or Mysore classes, therapy or modifications to suit each individual – she teaches the whole of yoga. And just as William Blake saw the world in a grain of sand, Rachel’s way of teaching points to the possibility of seeing that the essence of yoga can be experienced in a single posture, a single breath."

— JIm, uk